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We believe time and people are the most important resource.

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Our Core Values

Our core values are the foundation of our work. They connect us and reflect our core thinking and ideologies. They are the principles that have brought us to where we are today and guide us day by day.

Proactive Culture: The Heart of Swipe Technologies

We Are Proactive

Agility in Action: A Core Pillar of Swipe Technologies

We Are Agile

Continuous Progress: A Daily Commitment at Swipe Technologies

We Progress Every Day

Sustainability in Practice: A Guiding Principle at Swipe Technologies

We Work Sustainably

Authenticity Defined: A Core Value at Swipe Technologies

We Are Authentic

Unity in Diversity: One Team, One Vision at Swipe Technologies

We Are One Team

Our benefits

At Swipe Technologies, we believe our greatest strength lies in the talent and dedication of our team. As a part of the Swipe family, you can expect a workplace that not only values your skills but also nurtures your professional and personal growth.

Remote Work Flexibility: A Perk of Employment at Swipe Technologies

Remote Work

Flexible and family-friendly working culture as well as agreements for mobile working.

Corporate Benefits: Nurturing Well-Being and Professional Growth

Corporate Benefits

We prioritize our team's well-being with comprehensive health coverage and flexible work arrangements.

Extra Vacation Days: Your Time to Unwind and Recharge

Additional Vacation Days

You get an extra day at Christmas and New Years to enjoy with family and friends.

Subsidized Lunch Program: Nourishing Excellence at Swipe Technologies

Subsidized Lunch

Fresh, regional and healthy food at Papershift office, easily ordered online the previous day.

Employee Referral Program: Your Pathway to Building Our Team

Employee Referral Program

You are the best referral! If your referral is hired, we offer two additional days of vacation.

Paid Training Time: Invested in Your Continuous Growth

Paid Training Time

We offer one paid hour per week for personal development.

Our Contact

If you have any HR related questions, Michelle Maiden will be happy to help.


Michelle Madden: HR Manager at Swipe Technologies

Michelle Maiden

HR Manager

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